Find helpful methods, hints and tips for your drywall project needs. Our resource has information on everything from planning and layout of sheets, to how to install the boards, and techniques for finishing and attaching corner beads. Almost every home and residence has repairs that arise on drywall. Review our articles which treat small to large size holes through the panels.

How to Install Drywall
Some planning should be done on the install layout before embarking on drywall hanging. Beginners should review the nuts and bolts of drywall installation before going further with the particulars of how to install drywall guide which explains the actual cutting and fastening of the sheets. Ceilings bring the challenge of elevating the boards and this should be thought out in advance before you install ceiling drywall. With clues on the complications of the special ceiling types of ceiling drywall installs for vault and its variations. Also boxed ceilings and hanging custom ceilings. [see also specifics on how to install corner drywall ]

The drywall lift brings improved board logistics to many installs.

Taping and Mudding
Follow the instructionals and learn how to mudd and tape drywall and the types of compound are described for mudding. A run down of taping and what each is best used for in conjunction with mudding procedures, corner taping and steps to follow for taping inside corners. Insight in to both of these married skills are centered upon in mudding and taping tips -- ideas that come deliverd to you from hands-on experience.

Drywall Finishing
After the installation, taping, and top coating is done, next in-line is what so many drywallers seem to want to avoid. Our sanding tips outlines the ways to find the optimal method for sanding [see the main head here for tips on finishing].

Applying Corner Beads
Beading closes the outer and inner edges to form an unbroken surface. Standard install of corner beads join the convergence of flat walls and ceilings. While J-Bead and L-Bead corner bead ends give a neat and tidy touch. Rounded bullnose on walls looks at merging the beads with connectors rounded corner beads provides a step-by-step for their installation. Moving toward a little more advanced situations, are bullnose corner bead off angles and for taking the complications out of the feature rich bullnose corner bead arch.

Repair Drywall
For details on hole and damage repair. With the case of patching ceilings seperate.
[ instructionals for labor and materials like setting the tape are found undre that head section ]
How to Repair Small Holes Drywall Ceiling Repair
Patching a Large Drywall Hole How to do Patching/Repair Drywall

Uncover the secrets of knock down textures, the orange peel and orange peel & spatter textures which are applied more so to walls. Or roller texturing done with few hand tools. The skip trowel is a potential wall and ceiling texture. Ceiling texture patterns overviews those patterns with specifics on the diverse ceiling knockdown textures, applying the ceiling stomps and the ceiling swirls.

Get our view on how drywall came about, with aspects on recycling the material and a chinese drywall brief.


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