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We provide an objective source of useful information. In essence, passing on key tips with an insight to skills and techniques dervived from years of experience that can enhance the quality of your drywall project. Mindful of the fact that many homeowners now look to do their own projects along with anyone tasked with drywalling. And since many drywall procects require different yet interrelated skill sets and know how by nature (to name hanging, finishing, repair and texturing) -- each of these often requires some of the other to get the job done right, and here you can find just that.

With sustainability an ever-growing concern, we promote information about recycling and reclaimation of drywall for environmental reasons. Summarily, to spread information for further awareness about early efforts that are becoming introduced into current practice for those carrying out the work, and feeding back into the loop. If you are involved in a model/pilot project or are placed within a firm or organization with whom you believe is deserving of exposure, please send us a line.

Let us know if there are comments or concerns:

Get the most out of your hard work and effort with our finishing tips that bring your project to the next level.


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