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Apply Drywall Corner Beads

The quality of the completed cornerbeads are dictated in large part by the drywall corner installation. Whether straight corner or curved, the drywall to receive the bead must be neat, at the desired level, and have no prominent rises over the outer corner such as from cuts.

There are numerous choices for cornerbeads and over recent years, improvements in bead material continue to enrich the host of choices. The days of the metal bead as the sole choice are over. You now have the option to decide on the type of installation -- based on your abilities and corner requirements.

Apply vinyl bead for a quick install and the advantage of ease of repair, in the event of damage, with no chance of rust appearing. There is no need to hammer an edge crimper over the bead like for metal corners and these are installed on fixed right angles and off angle corner applications.
For off angles, outside corners - meaning those greater or less than right angles, a splayed, outside vinyl bead or composite flex-bead is the way to go. See corner bead angles for more details.

For inside corners, the choices are fixed and flexible inside vinyl beads, metal-backed paper tape, and straight tape for experienced tapers. (see also below)

For arches and curved corners, the vinyl comes in comforming-by-design strips with side tabs. By spraying the backside of the outer bead with an appropriate adhesive, attaching to the drywall is a cinch, virtually eliminating the need to drive screws or nails however potential lifting is a concern to some.
Nail or screw on the metal beads (traditionally nails are tacked on) only on outside corners where a durable and straight edge is required with no curvature. But with the metal, know that the repair is not so straightforward. This will means cutting out the damaged bead with a hacksaw as opposed the cutting the vinyl bead out with a knife blade. To apply the metal corners, take a pair of metal snips, for cutting newly-sized pieces to fit.

The 90 degree metal-backed taped beads are a cross between bare taping and the rigid metal corners and only require mudd to be held in place. Cut these beads with a pair of metal shears, fold back any raised cuts before setting, and finsh with compound.

Regardless of bead type, bed with all-purpose mud which is made to give an adhesive bond for setting corner beads, and taping. Afterward, the corners can be top finished with lightweight compound for smoothing.

Inside Corners
Unique among corners is the case of taping the inside corner. Due to low exposure to damage, the beads haven't changed much over the years and can be taped without the protection of metal, or vinyl edges. Though rigid, metal-backed paper and flexible, metal-lined paper tape (for off-angles) are available if you so choose.

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