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Ceiling Knock Down Texture

There are a several major exceptions when applying the knock down on ceilings as opposed to wall textures. While the same practices of diluting the compound and shooting with the hopper gun still apply, it is now more important that:

  • The ceiling be coated with PVA sealer before texturing, because nuances in the finished texture due to absorbion will be increasingly obvious.

  • The hopper should be directed above with a 45 degree feature and/or angled from a flexible line that is bent to accomodate the level when spraying on the horizontal overabove. Shooting without this at too steep an angle might cause streaking.

  • Gravity forms stalactites off the spray splatter. These are next hit with the swipe of the knock down blade when the sheen is lost and the compound appears to be setting.

  • Handling a blade for the knock down with an attached handle is an absolute must. While a metal straight edge might draw the kock down on limited wall applications,. the handle along with its bowing blade is preferred on ceilings.

  • Expect falling material when working overhead, wear eye protection.

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