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The not-so-everyday miscuts that results in open holes around ducts and square openings.

Patching Miscut Hole Around Duct

Where the rectangular/square patch deviates from the round ceiling patch is in the benefit of having the straight lines. This lends itself to uncomplicated cuts and taping.

1) If a diffuser grill is installed, remove it.

2.1) Assuming no texture has been applied, either run a straight strip of 2" mesh with the majority of surface adhering to the drywall. Next mudd the tape, sand and finish off with an according number of skim and sandings.

2.2) If more than a single edge has been overcut, consider applying 4" fiberglass. This will afford single continuous stretch of the tape for structural bonding. Apply compound as you normally would expect.

Of course there is the alternative of measuring the outline, creating and mounting a cutout section of drywall. Which is always the best from the standpoint of strength. But what it boils down to is the amount of time and effort you want to expend, with your skill level considered of course.

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