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Ceiling Texture Patterns

The ceiling is a great place to apply texture. When patterns are applied a distinct atmosphere is created and a lot of the overhead labor in finishing and sanding of the seams is not needed.

The most popular texture by far is the stomp. It is accomplished with single or double brushes and each brush type gives a different pull of the mudd. Stomping doesn't really take special equipment and it is found in most of today's new and recent homes.

The swirl ceiling has fallen much out of vogue but it's effects are worth mentioning. It's an excellent way of setting rooms off with formality and it can be done with a few simple hand tools. A concentric circular pattern around a central dining room chandelier is just one example.

An acoustic texture is shot on with a pump. It is available in a wide assortment of styles with the majority tailored to commercial and institutional applications. Some acoustics do provide sound dampening qualities.

Popcorn, a type of acoustic, has been popular in states like Florida prior to 2000. Applying this texture takes a high pressue pump and the particles are blown on to cling to the ceiling, leaving a shadowy effect. When it comes to painting the ceiling for cleaning, the paint should be sprayed on or there is loss of material from the pressure of rolling

Note: many acoustic ceilings from 1978 and before contain asbestos.

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