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Install Drywall End Corner Bead

There are two main ways to bead drywall at the end corner, to give it a clean finished look.

1/2 inch J Bead One method is to apply J-bead. First, determine if the edge is to have a finshed look with the finish of the bead, or if the end corner is to be drywall finished. If leaving the vinyl reveal (short side of the 'J' ) is sufficient, apply the reveal style. This is popular for vinyl window returns, to give a definite manufactured edge look. If this bead were to lend a contrast that is unsightly, a finishing J bead style (without a reveal) may fill the order.

The J bead is made is slip over the end of the wallboard, and thus comes in wallboard thicknesses available in 8' and 10' lengths for 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" panels.

1/2 inch L Bead with Tearaway The other main option is the L-bead. Shaped as it sounds, the bead is made of metal or vinyl and is formed with a raised edge, to retain compound. These beads make a transition from drywall to a dissimilar materials, like concrete, paneling or stucco. When complete it creates a uniform exposed end. To install, drive nails or screws roughly every 6 inches and apply mudd overtop with the raised edge defining the new corner. If a tearwaway strip exists, pull it free on applying the compound - this is a design that ends the corner off clean.

The L bead is available in the same dimensions
(with possible exception of 3/4 inch).

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