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How to Install Drywall Corners

For hanging drywall onto the framing, the major weak spot must be addressed, one that is not that uncommon. It is found at the corners. Before starting the ceiling installation, and walls, view the framing for the sole purpose of seeing if the corners have bypassed the necessary support of drywall.

Adding Drywall Backer, Ceiling Corner Wallboard edge support is important for installing panels on the ceiling - even though the ceiling is put up first, with the walls forming the base of a right angle. But the wall below should not be relied upon for ceiling edge support.

Ceiling nailers are easy to overlook because even though the joists rest in proper order among the top plate, often vacant among the end joist run is a void that exists. This is typical among the work of completed framing projects. Fortunately the remedy is fairly simple.
  • Scab on a backer for a horizontal hold.

  • Attach Framing Wall Nailer Walls present a similar predicament. When prefabbed studs are put up, a nailing void exists on up alongside the corner, affording no support for drywall at one of the inside corners.

    Drywallers have been known to attach lightweight forms of backers such as 2 x 2's directly atop the perpendicular panel, to attach to, although this is not recommended.
  • Scab on a lengthwise nailer for vertical hold.

  • Mounting Corner Clip on Stud Hang with Clips
    Attach a clip onto the face of the support side, to gain a hold for the side with the void.

    Clips are useful where driving screws or adding backers proves impractical. Many drywallers claim that clips are labor saving devices.

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