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How to Repair a Small Hole in Drywall

The diameter of hole size that needs to be repaired has everything to do with the way it is patched, and finished. There are many proposed methods of treating these repairs in the wallboard. But by sticking to proven methods you are far ahead.

The hole that is narrow, say the roundess of a pencil or less, is the easiest to fix.
To Repair, Countersink Small Hole
1) First, view the surface of the hole up close. After removing the object that has caused the hole, usually the wall portion of a screw anchor, see if there is a much of rise around the small opening. Commonly when enough force has been exerted to push through the wallboard, a small outburst is left since many anchor styles act to compress the gypsum when inserted. Depending on the degree of rise, tap with a nailset and hammer to countersink. Tap with only enough force to set level with patch, and no more.

2) For the tiniest of holes, like a small nail. press a small dab of compound into the opening with a slim putty knife, filling to some depth. Then give a wipe clean in circular motions around the border to blend off. Done with some finesse, you are then done with no sanding. But wait until dry to be sure.

3) For holes, say the diameter of a pencil, countersink as you would usually but apply compound in two steps. Filling the void in the first, which will settle some, then sand off lightly. And apply the second coat and sand when ready.

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