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Apply Bullnose and Rounded Corner Bead on Walls

Where walls go uncapped, all surfaces may be drywalled. In such as situation, there is a rounded corner contour. However this modest challenge of having wall planes that converge somewhat modifies the install of bullnose corners.

With these partial or dwarf walls -- the bullnose strips, even certain angles at non 90 degrees -- are joined with molded connectors. The connectors come in inside angles as well. For example, the three way connection for for an inner nook, or two way connector for where an upper partial wall comes off a main wall.

Joining Splayed Bullnose Connector Converging the Bullnose
The straight runs of bullnose are attached at the male connector guides. And, while drywallers have been known to nail right through the connector surface with the intent of holding the connector in position - to join from two or three directions - the alternative is to drive screws or nails though the bead that has been fitted over the connector tab guide. As well, sprayed on adhesive can be applied as a time saver and to reduce the amount of screws or drywall nails to secure the individual pieces.

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