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Install Drywall at Ceiling Boxes

The detail of a decorative box, transitions between the ceiling and wall. But its' installation brings in precaustions due to the narrow drywall being put up and the way it should be fastened.

Boxed Ceiling Install of DrywallView the framing as you normally would, before the install, however be ever aware of any out-of-order lines since these are what the box will be spotlighting. Although certain wide flex beads are designed to conceal minor voids in framing. Also, the narrow strips don't hold up to bowing with a tendency to crumble under meager stress, depending on the dimensions of the cut. The wallboard direction it was cut from also matters since drywall is most durable from end to end.

Cutting the strips. Rather than simply scoring and snapping, as on wider sections, start with a sharp knife and proceed deep into the wallboard with the aid of a straight edge, running the knife again and again. Gradually bend the board back, and sever the cut with minimal stress. Another choice is a power cutter, which would execute the cut with little stress.

Attaching the strips. Professional installers lean toward tacking on the strips, since driving screws run the risk of collapsing the internal gypsum. For this reason, tack nails on at an greater inset.

All outer corner edges should line up with no visible rises. For bevels like the one pictured, plan for a flexible bead to finish with as you normally would install corner bead angles as this style of bead too, requires less stress and vibration.

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