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How to Install Corner Bead Off Angles

Progressing in level of difficulty to install, from the fixed angle corner bead, is the off angle. Where there is no pre-fixed corner. (though beads are produced for common angles, including at 120 degrees and 135 degree and 150 degree angles)

Often this seems to form a wavy line at the side wall juncture, and indicates that either bare paper or mesh was embedded.

Straightening this line will step up the look, and provide cleaner lines to paint by in the event of color seperation. This is normally done in the least amount of time, and applies to both inside and outside off angles.

The solution is the bead material: metal backed paper tape (inside corners only) or composite flex tape and these will afford vast improvements in terms of shaping a discerning corner, no matter for a tight angle or a widely expanded 150 degree outer angle. You simply:

1) Create the fold and bed either flex tape or metal backed paper tape, first applying the compound into the open joint.

2) Smooth off with a taping knife. However note that with drastically pitched angles comes the need for broader blades. The 12" and 14" wide knives suddenly become practical. Remember to, to use successively broader knives.

3) When dry -- for inside corners - remove the build at the joint by hitting it off with the full breadth of the blade, angled horizontal to meet the corner and scrape off any other unwanted dried compound. Sand off the high points and next tool on a second layer.

If the layer dries to a flat transition, just barely over a level, sand smooth by hand. If not, proceed with another mudd layer and then sand.

Secondary to applying flex beads are metal reinforced paper.

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