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Drywall Knock Down Texturing

The knockdown is a prominent texture and it is performed in a couple steps. This takes a spray hopper and the recommended psi to blow out the thinned mud out on the wall, at about 5 to 7 psi. The distibution on the wallboard is arrived at by the trigger control and the nozzle sizes.

The knock down has tooled or 'made look' compared to the orange peel. The degree of texturing ranges from light to heavy, depending on tastes, and can be confused with an orange peel by some. But the telltale sign is the flattening caused by the knock down knife - these come in 18", 22" and 24" blades. The degree of the effect is brought by:

  • The consistency of the compound. Add water to mix to a semi-liquid state.

  • Whether or not the dryall has been sealed before texturing. With no sealer the texture will absorb into the paper of the wallboard and so sealing with PVA will enhance the definition of style.

  • The hopper pressure and nozzle size with which it is blown on.

  • The (a) wait time of the mudd between being shot on the wall along with (b) the way the knock down blade is drawn over the splatterings. Give several moments after dispersion onto the wall surface. When the blobs begin to loose their sheen, the material is setting. At this time run the knock down blade.

  • While rolling on can and is done, this method will not result in the same effect as if sprayed on with a hopper and pressure line. The hopper provides increased dimension to the texture by forcing higher pressure through an adjustable orifice.

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