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Drywall Texture Finishes - Orange Peel & Splatter

When trying to decide between an orange peel texture and splatter textures it should be pointed out that these are two discernable styles of wall finish.

The orange peel has organization to the pattern, one way to look at it is that the texture imitates the orange rind. The splatter, on the other hand, has more of a random pattern. Some might even say it has an unfinished appeal.

Both are sprayed on by hopper. Yet, to get the orange peel effect, it takes a greater consistency with the mudd mix and spraying the material on while splatters simple pass through the nozzle.

It is important to check the texture mixes you plan on using. Some brand mixes are designed for the splatter and some for designated levels of orange peel, with quite a bit of cross-purposes going on between them.

Though closely related, both finishes differ from knock down texturing which is considered another texture in its own right.

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