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Apply Orange Peel Drywall Texture Finishes

The texture style of orange peel has the roughness of an orange. It is more pronounced than the knock down texture. The orange peel finish has an organic quality, made of scores of tiny splotches that seemingly was plucked from a tree. But even within this given texture, there is a diversity of variations.

Endless densities and patterns are possible. A finer orange peel is gotten by further diluting the liquid compound, OR by adjusting the orific of the hopper nozzle. OR by the choice of the texture mix to start, which is available in redi-mix form and powder form in 40 lb bags. - In some cases, the mix will double for a knock down and splatter grade texture.

Although some orange peel's are promoted to be applied by roller -- and if doing a knock down texture it might tend to conceal this to a degree -- the texture is normally best sprayed on, for gaining the uniform effect of right size mottled bumps. No final working with knives is required with the orange peel.

To guard against too much absortion into new wallboard (that will diminish the texture effect) the wall surfaces should be sealed before spraying.

Be sure to mask off all windows and doors with painters masking and visqueen, that is easily pulled off in rolls. All outlets and receptacles, doors and flooring should be protected.

For touch up purposes: some of the spray cans help blend the texture. But as a rule, to get a realistic close match on an orange peel, it should come out of a hopper as if orginally applied. An exception to the rule is certain models of hand texture pumps; though not cheap, they work on the same principle of expending the liquid mixture.

When dry, overshot areas might be toned down somewhat by either wet sanding or dry sanding methods when done with some expertise. But the optimal way to go about it is to create a uniform tone overall by shooting the same texture all around. Especially since the spray is the first and last phase.

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