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The texture on the walls and ceilings acts as an overwhelmling influence on everything that is seen in the home. Best of all, what are flat, humdrum surfaces, can be easily transformed with new designer elements of texturing. These can satsify not only notions of the aesthetic, but also offer functional appeal, like in the case of acoustic ceiling textures and their sound deadening benefits.

All that is needed are instructionals, a willingness to learn along with some manual dexterity, and a limited budget. If you've ever done patching or drywall repair, this might be the next logical step. Don't worry about mistakes at this point, that's what the dry runs on practice sheets are for.

Tools and Equipment
Adding a texture makes good economical sense when you add up the costs. A quality hopper, capable of both ceilings and wall texturing is had for about $100 if you want to buy outright and already have the compressor (a compressor having enough umpf is around $175). If the work you have is limited in scope, it might be wise to consider the rental option instead at about $25 per half day and $35 for full day. Considering that several rooms could be shot in a day this is inexpensive.
Apply an Orange Peel Texture
Splatter and Orange Peel Textures
Drywall Texturing with Roller

For covering openings such as windows and doors with thin fold down plastic sheeting, a hand masker is well worth its price at around $25 on up. The cuts are sized with clip-on blades. For textures on occuppied residences, there is additional protection with drop cloths and the moving of furniture, to at least clear the floor space for making continuous passes. Although drippings and splatters from most compounds are cleaned up with water. A floor scraper can easily remove much of the dried splatterings.

Experiment with plastic, rubber, and metal trowels, and find the one you are that suits you. At under $12 each these will shape the texture toward a flattened effect.
Skip Trowel Techniques

Other hand tools include a knock down blade and trowel, both for less than $40. Along with a mixing paddle $20 that is circular shaped to blend finer viscosities.
Knock Down Texturing
Ceiling Knock Down Textures

Textures are offered in smooth, medium and coarse granularities. Check to see if the dry mix texture or redimix, if using, is meant for ceiling applications or walls. Normally after stirring the freshly watered powder the mix is allowed to pause, giving the water a chance to saturate.

In certain applications, some professionals add tint to texture that provides color and avoids painting a coat on the surface.

Putting on Ceiling Texture Patterns is a way to cut back on mudding and sanding efforts while enhancing the look of the most expansive surface in the room. Whether you are searching for a decorative texture, an old world appeal, a contempary touch, to mimic existing/bordering areas or Repair a Ceiling Texture spot that needs addressed.

Ceiling Knock Down Textures Apply Ceiling Stomp Textures Ceiling Swirl Texture

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